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Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

Equipped with all modern amenities like high-end Computers, Scanners, Printers for total digital  and offset and a  perfect outfit for precise silk screen and Offset printingin india .

*  Designing with Epson Printing Machine                                                          * UV / Spot UV / Vanish Coating Machine

*  Five Color Heidelberg (CPC) with Coater                                                         * Drip Effect / Texture Coating

*  Four Color Polly 466 CPC                                                                                     * Leaf Printing Machine

*  Single Color Dominant Machine                                                                         * Cutting Machine Manual

*  Three Die Cutting Machine                                                                                  * Numbering Machine

*  Cutting Machine Fully Automatic                                                                       * All Fabrication Machine (Binding)

*  Lamination / Thermal Lamination Machine


Prashanti Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is fully equipped with all the latest and advance machineries like high-end computers, scanners, Printers for total digital and a perfect outfit for precise silk screen and offset printing which makes our services better than others and provide us competitive advantage in market & we are one of the best offset printing company in delhi NCR in india.we believe in quality services of offset printing.

Designing with Epson Printing Machine:

Prashanti enterprises uses latest and advance printer that offers clients another approach to make everything from basic signage to top high end displays and stylistic theme on a scope of substrates. Each and every part has been totally planned and fabricated by Epson to guarantee consistent operation and certification proficient quality outcomes. Computerized printhead maintenance and an ink mist collection structure helps framework help guarantee kept printing for greatest uptime, Epson Printer is designed to convey uncommon quality at low ownership cost for a wide range of indoor and open air business printing applications including publications, signs, flags, backleaft panels, interior decorations, exhibition panels and more. Due to this prashanti e is able to fulfill their commitment on given time to their client.

 UV / Spot UV / Vanish Coating Machine:

This machine incorporates all technical answer for simple operation and for expanding efficiency. The machine is reduced and strong based on a solid C.I. outline. It is dependable at any working pace. This machine is furnished with high review solidified grounded gears for its smooth operation for quite a long time. The UV curing lights utilized as a part of it are truly outstanding on the planet. It comprises of aggregate vacuum bed for smooth passing on of paper and board, a productive cooling framework for lights. This machine can be utilized as Offline coater for UV and Aqueous covering and additionally for groundwork covering. It can do full and spot UV varnish on thick and thin paper at the speed of 6000 or 10,000 sheets for every hour. Customary varnish or water-based varnish can likewise be keep running on this machine.

Prashanti is a premium quality printing service provider in Delhi to their esteemed clients and for that we do not make compromises with anything Uses of these latest machineries boost our team confidence to work with more accuracy and quality for satisfying customer.

Five Color Heidelberg (CPC) with Coater:

Prashnati.in always follow standardized printing norms to deliver high quality service to their clients. “Heidelberg” provides the competitive advantage to prasahnti to design and print client’s products while using extreme color range for better results and customer satisfaction as this machine which deliver extreme printing designs.

Drip Effect / Texture Coating:

Prashanti provides drip effects & texture coating printing services to their clients where Drip Off speaks to a professional and eye-getting strategy to accomplish matt/shine impacts or matt/structure impacts in a single procedure with only one coating unit. The rule: In the last ink pipe a partially is halfway utilized. Out of the covering unit, a polished covering is connected full area. Where groundwork and polished covering meet, an anti-agents impact is figured it out. Where the primer has been left out, you realise high gloss surfaces. In this way, you can produce fine printing motives without a spot coating plate. Along these lines, you can create fine printing intentions without a spot covering plate. Also, other waterbased and UV based Drip Off frameworks are accessible. The mix of oil based preliminary and waterbased polished covering accomplishes charming homogeneous matt regions and also particular matt/gleam contrasts. All frameworks give great drying qualities and also a decent scratch and scrape resistance. For the use of UV Drip Off (additionally called half and half covering), both UV based and oil based preliminaries for the ink pipe are accessible in mix with UV coatings. Contingent upon the groundwork, application sum and the setting of your printing press (energy of UV lights), you can accomplish medium to solid structures which give a very visual and haptical distinction contrasted with the polished coating. The frameworks are described by a decent scratch and scrape resistance.

Four Color Polly 466 CPC:

Prashanti uses modern machineries for printing like “Four Color Polly 466 CPC” which is totally computer operated advance machine with better productivity and quality. Prashanti provides printing services at cheapest price as these machines complete the task in limited time which saves our extra cost and due to this reason our services our competitive in market.

Leaf Printing Machine:

The machine is uniquely intended for cards brilliant printing of title with warm. Owing from their viable features, for example, Premium quality, steady execution and simple operations, our whole scope of offered machines accomplishes most extreme approval by our esteemed patron.


  • Hot foil stamping connection.
  • Connection of hot foil unit with single draw and double pull.
  • Heating plate rewinding unit.

Different Details:

  • Hot Foil Stamping Attachment for Die Punching Machine
  • Hot Foil Stamping Machine Attachments: Attachment of hot thwart unit with Single Pull and Double Pull
  • Heating Plates Rewinding Unit: Rewinding units are separate for each foils
  • Jumpers are outlined with cutting edge innovation to limit wastage of foils

Single Color Dominant Machine:

Prashanti Enterprises Pvt. Ltd uses Single Color Offset Printing Machines for different types of client usage. We use these machines in different determinations keeping in mind the end goal to meet different needs and demands of the printing business. This machine is broadly utilized for different printing purposes like print labels, handouts and printing catalogs and so on according to requirements of the customers. These machine help in furnishing high determination printing with clear impressions.


  • Easy to work
  • Precise outline
  • Highly durable
  • Longer administration life


  • Single Color
  • Universal feeder
  • Double sheet locator
  • Speed 3000 – 10000 sheets/hr

Cutting Machine Manual:

These machines are used for proper cutting of printing design so that we can provide a proper finishing touch to our client’s products because if we print and design well but the products are not having proper finished touch than all efforts are waste so for the smooth finishing Prashanti use expensive cutting machines for proper cutting products as per required shape and size.

Three Die Cutting Machine:

Mark 3 Die-Cutting Machine will cut all mini, small, large and long cut dies. Optional plates is accessible for additional long cut dies. Essentially turn the handle and move through upwards of two bites the dust in a single pass.

Key Features:

  • 5 1/2″ cutting width passes on (Mini, Small, Large, Long Cut, Extra Long Cut).
  • Cut upwards of eight layers at once depending upon the material.
  • Cut various passes on from either bearing
  • Dies cut from side up so you see what you are cutting and have less waste
  • Good with Ellison SureCut and ClearCrop bites the dust that fit in plate
  • Friendly with Ellison SureCut and ClearCrop dies that fit in tray.

Compatible with Ellison AllStar and Sizzix bites the dust with Tray Adapter Made in the U.S.A.

Numbering Machine

Prashanti Numbering Machine (otherwise called Bates stamping, Bates marking, Bates coding or Bates naming) is utilized as a part of the lawful, medicinal, and business fields to put recognizing numbers or potentially date/time-blemishes on pictures and reports as they are checked or handled, for instance, amid the disclosure phase of arrangements for trial or distinguishing business receipts. Bates stamping is utilized to check and recognize pictures with copyrights by putting an organization name, logo as well as lawful copyright on them. This procedure gives recognizable proof, insurance, and programmed back to back numbering of the pictures. Hence, Prashanti Enterprises use this numbering machine so that authenticity of our work can be recognized.

Cutting Machine Fully Automatic

Prashanti Enterprises use superior quality fully automated paper cutting machine. These fully automatic paper cutting machines are made of high quality of raw material which ensures the quality of these fully automatic paper cutting machines and its durability. These fully automatic paper cutting machines are designed to enhance the performance of productivity. These machines help to enhance production and saves time and manpower needed for production

It is specialized with latest technology such as: it has programming memory which enables it work automatically, Magnetic clutch and brake for easy control, Infra Red safety device is already installed so that we can facilitate our employee proper safety, cutting line indicator is enabled which facilitates accurate cutting that enhance our work quality, and many more.

All Fabrication Machine (Binding):-

Prashanti Enterprises use high end binding machine so that it can work fast and accurately and save timing. Hence, we can be able to deliver all our client projects within time frame. These Fabrication machines provides prashanti enterprises competitive advantage to deliver our projects more efficiently and due to all these modern machineries we are able to sustain our position of leading printing company in Delhi and also between our clients.

Lamination / Thermal Lamination Machine: –

Prashanti Thermal lamination machine is a multi-function laminating machine, this is used for laminating docs, pictures, papers, photos, advertising films, book covers, pvc cards, plastics, vinyl, etc. It is mostly used for pouch laminating film and roll lamination, film one side and two side lamination with wider operating board laminating speed, it is facilitating with gears for different laminating thickness requirement whatever you need.