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Combo Shaving Kit

Combs, Loofah, Sewing kit

Combs, loofah, sewing kit and stationery that cater to the smallest of needs.

Prashanti.in is the leading supplier of premium quality Wha comb, sewing needle and loofah (scrubber) which can be useful to any voyager troubled by a button falling off, or by a bit of dress’ sewing breaking into pieces. This inn sewing needle and string pack has 6 sorts of string of various hues, a sewing needle, of different shading catches and in addition a safety pin for a little article of clothing repair, Stylish hair comb and scrubber. These premium quality products gives the luxury feeling to our hotel client’s visitors and standardized their amenities. You can also book online at prashanti.in we will customize your order as per your requirement.